Firstly, one must always realise that Pekingese commonly are not dogs! They are a compounding of part human, part aristocrat, eonian child, and part cat. There is no other breed like them.

You is necessary to also realise that if your thought of a pet dog is one who will sit adoringly at your feet (or in your lap), wait to leap at any bidding, be for sale to your each beck and call, the Pekingese is not for you. In most examples, Pekingese will tardily work their fashion into your home and before you know it YOU will be at THEIR beck and call. They will be extremely obedient -- not to please you but only because they CHOOSE to please you. They will come and go as they please because that is what pleases them. They are not being truly disobedient but do so because they can see no reason to do otherwise. After all, they are special, are n't they?.

The Pekingese originated in China over 2000 years ago. Their only function was to carry the robes of the Chinese Imperial Court. Ownership of this dog was prohibited to any except royalty. During the Great China War of 1860, Franco-British forces marched on Peking. The invaders looted the summer place, and the Western world made its first acquaintance with the little Lion Dog of Peking. Five of these Canis Minor were found in the apartment of the Emperor's aunt, who had delayed her flight too long and committed suicide when the Palace gates were stormed.

These five little creatures endeared themselves to their captors, who carried them back to England. One was presented to Queen Victoria and was named "Looty". She lived a life of luxury for ten years in Windsor Palace until her death in 1872. All modern day Pekingese have descended from these five dogs. All the others were slaughtered so that no one would lay eyes on them, for to do so in China brought immediate and unmerciful death.

This background give you some idea of why Pekingese think they are a bit bit better than anyone or anything else! It has been so bred into them that they continue this attitude today. So, if you want a whimsical personality, take delight in their independence, accept the fact that they are the bosses, then a Pekingese is the dog for you.
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