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Mama and baby bearBaby Bear

The Baby Bear Gift Set and Lamby is a perfect gift for when a baby is expected. But just in case of ultrasound is not, it is quite difficult to use on a little girl. All is done in an elegant way of light itself and prints designed and includes Lamb Baby Bear and towel Lamby with washing machine and Billie Goat Soap baby, perfect for baby's first bath. It also includes a bib and a baby bear and Lamby blanket plush wrap the baby during the night. It is also associated gray spotted playing for Baby Bear, Ashmore and strawberries and cream for mom. These kits baby gift is placed in a box lined with elegant ribbons and a gift card blank.

The deadline for baby bath is also great as a gift to give, as it is filled with baby gifts really attractive and colorful. It comes with a hooded towel and a smiley with adorable designs are printed. These bath products are pure cotton. The package also comes with soft and fragrant pear scented bath and shampoo. What baby would love the most are the eight elegant bath toys sea squirts in bright colors that come in a thick plastic bag handy for easy storage.

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